Falls Church School Board Renaming Committee

Falls Church Community,

On December 8th, the Falls Church School Board voted to proceed with the process of renaming two of the division’s schools.  The renaming process will follow the guidelines outlined in the FCCPS Regulation FFA-R School Building Names Committee

At this time, Superintendent Peter Noonan is accepting applications for persons interested in being appointed to one of two Advisory Study Committees to the School Board being formed to consider the new school names. 

Committee Makeup:

  • Two separate committees - one for the high school, one for the elementary school.

  • Each will have a Chairperson and 15 to 20 members.

  • A broad representation of race, gender, socioeconomic, and category.

Committee Charge:

SMART Goal: It is the committee’s charge to provide the School Board, by April 13, 2021, five (5) names in no order of rank for the elementary school and five (5) names in no rank order for the high school following the requirements of Policy FFA and Regulation FFA-R.

Further, it is encouraged that the committee considers names that go beyond just naming buildings after people and contemplate place making and other aspects of the community.

Lastly, it is advised that the committee seeks ways to gather public input to support their deliberative process, and those who are members of groups seek input from those groups.

Committee Application:

To be considered for an appointment to a committee, complete the following on-line application by January 15th.



  • January 29 - Committee “kick-off” meetings

  • February 23 - Committee Chairs meet with the School Board for an interim update

  • March 12 - Committee prepares 5 names for presentation to the School Board

  • March 23 - Committee Chairs present proposed names to the School Board at the work session

  • April 13 - School Board votes on the final names at a Regular Meeting

Suggested names from the public are being accepted at renaming@fccps.org.