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Safe bus stops – What can we do to keep out students safe?

Parents can help ensure their children’s safety while waiting for and riding the school bus by doing the following:

Informing the bus driver of any serious medical conditions regarding your child. Making sure your child is dressed appropriately for weather conditions.

Accompanying your child to the bus stop and teaching your child these bus stop safety rules:

  • Be at the bus stop five minutes before the bus' expected time.
  • Walk, do not run to and from the bus.
  • If possible, stand at least ten feet from the road.
  • Await your turn to get on the bus. Do not push or shove.
  • Always obey the bus driver. His or her job is to look out for your safety.
  • When getting off the bus, move quickly away from the bus.
  • Wait for the driver to signal before crossing the street in front of the bus.
  • Never crawl underneath a school bus. If you do drop something, tell the driver and he or she will tell you what to do.

Following these simple rules will help children stay safe on and around the bus.

Bus Stop Etiquette:

Many bus stops are in front of your neighbors' houses. Please remember when you are standing at the bus stop to not be loud and disruptive; be conscious of homes and yards and do not leave your trash in their yards or climb their trees.