FCCPS Health Metrics Dashboard & Guidance

This webpage provides an overview of the metrics and supports utilized as decision drivers for maintaining hybrid learning or moving to virtual instruction in response to community and regional health data related to the burden and transmission of the COVID-19 virus in the FCCPS community. Strong mitigation procedures, coupled with monitoring, can support providing stable instruction even in times of challenging health metrics.


FCCPS has been monitoring health data consistently since the beginning of the pandemic. Over time access to more refined data and additional guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), and the Fairfax County Health Department have evolved. FCCPS utilizes this information to help drive decision making for the division’s response to risk mitigation and provide a stable instructional environment for all staff and students. The following resources help guide decision making and response and provide guidance to the FCCPS Health Metrics Task Force, the School Board, the Superintendent, and School Leadership teams regarding this process.

CDC Indicators and Thresholds for School Reopening
VDH Interim Guidance for Mitigation Measures in K-12 School Settings
Reopening Virginia's Schools-Risk Guidance
COVID-19 - School Reopening: Indicators to Inform Decision Making
Phase Guidance for Schools VA Governor's Office
VDH Pandemic Metrics – Coronavirus
Monitoring and Evaluating Mitigation Strategies in K-12 Schools
Schools and the Path to Zero...Strategies for Pandemic Resilience in the Face of High Community Spread

Continuum of Reopening

FCCPS has updated its Continuum of Reopening to more fully align with the  CDC K-12 School Indicators and Thresholds. The division will utilize the following decision-making rules to ensure educational stability even when data presents a more challenging picture. FCCPS will adhere to and monitor the implementation of the mitigation strategies recommended by both the CDC and the VDH to support risk reduction for disease transmission. Below are the decision-making points to be utilized for each group of students. 

PLEASE NOTE: In all cases, temporary pauses - where students will return to virtual learning due to COVID positive results for students or staff - may occur for classrooms or entire schools. Decisions to close a classroom/school/program will be made by the Central Office and School-based Administration in consultation with the Fairfax Health Department.

Key Indicators:

  1. CDC: # of new Coronavirus cases per 100,000 people in Falls Church City
  2. CDC: % Positive Coronavirus Tests in Fall Church City
  3. Regional Composite of Burden and Trend - based on 8 data points monitored by VDH
  4. Operational Health

Daily CDC K-12 Indicator Data Monitoring - Falls Church City: 

Source: Virginia Department of Health

PLEASE NOTE: All reported data is subject to change/updating based on VDH reporting procedures as they respond to the volume of data they receive. VDH is working to intake data 24/7, which means there will be frequent updates. Any changes made by VDH will be reflected here based on their daily data updates, which can impact results retroactively. FCCPS will update the data weekdays by noon, including any retroactive changes going back ten days to provide the most updated information available.


FCCPS Cohort Thresholds

Students in identified cohorts have differentiated thresholds for Hybrid Learning and/or Virtual Learning. Cohort groups have been established based on the size of the group, instructional need, and the group's age. Students in our smallest group of cohorts, including Special Education, English Learners, and our youngest students, are prioritized for hybrid learning following VDOE, VDH, and CDC guidance.

Special Populations
Preschool, Specifically Identified Special Education & English Language Students
Elementary/Grades K-5
Secondary/Grades 6-12
Alert Status
Evaluation of operations and mitigation strategies to determine if it is safe to continue Hybrid Instruction 

If ALL Key Indicators are

If ALL Key Indicators are
If ALL Key Indicators are  ORANGE  or  HIGHER 
- AND -
 One Key Indicator has been
 RED for 7 DAYS 
Return to Virtual Composite Data is
- AND -
the remaining Indicators are
 RED for 7 Days 
Composite Data is
- AND -
the remaining Indicators are
 RED for 7 DAYS 
- OR - 
% Positive AND # of Cases indicators are 
 ORANGE for 10 DAYS 
Composite Data is
- AND - 
the remaining Indicators are  ORANGE  or  HIGHER 
for 7 Days 
Resumption of Hybrid Allowed Rates below thresholds for
7 straight days
Rates below thresholds for
7 straight days
Rates below thresholds for
7 straight days

NOTE: All schools can be moved into Virtual Instruction by the Office of the Governor or the Virginia Department of Education and will not reopen until the order is lifted and data supports reopening.

  • Each Wednesday we will give an update on the current data and each Friday, we will do a final weekly review of the data and make a decision for a given cohort for the following week.
  • We will look at the previous 7-10 days of data (depending on the cohort metric), including the previous weekend.
  • The decision to "Go-No-Go" for each cohort will be communicated at the end of the day Friday. 

COVID-19 Impact on FCCPS 1

COVID positive results are tracked for both staff and students. Exposure and outbreak data that directly impact the school division via hybrid learning, sports, activities, daycare, or supervised learning is provided. The data is updated each week for incidents/events that have been reported and confirmed by FCCPS with the Fairfax County Health Department and other public health officials. Data is only presented at the Division Level given our small size to protect privacy and confidentiality as well as preventing the release of Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with both FERPA and HIPAA.


FCCPS monitors the implementation of the “5 Key Mitigation Strategies” for the 3rd CDC Core K-12 Indicator. These data below are regarding the: wearing of masks, hand hygiene, social distancing, cleaning/disinfecting, and contact tracing. Mitigation “walkthroughs” will be conducted every 7-days and moving to a 14-day cycle as appropriate after that. A team of staff trained in the process conduct “walkthroughs” using the FCCPS School Level Observation Tool and each school will conduct internal monitoring observations as appropriate based upon the needs of the individual building. All data will be collected in the FCCPS School Level Observation Tool Google Form and shared with building leadership upon completion.


The COVID Response Team will provide support to staff members as needed in implementing the 5 mitigation strategies at the school level. This includes providing support with students as needed.

Jessie Thackrey Preschool
Mount Daniel Elementary
TJ Elementary
ME Henderson Middle
GM High School

Each school has identified a COVID RESPONSE TEAM to support contact tracing, monitor/support mitigation efforts, and respond to issues related to COVID-19 on the school building as needed. Every building will also have an individualized email to submit problems, concerns, and questions. Direct all written inquiries to the COVID Response email address listed below.

School Team Members (*Team Lead) COVID Response Email Address
Jessie Thackery Preschool *Angela Atwater--Admin, Angie Mellon JTPCOVIDRESPONSE@FCCPS.ORG
Mount Daniel Elementary *Jed Jackson, Nora Pishner, Jeremy Ferrera--Admin MDCOVIDRESPONSE@FCCPS.ORG
TJ Elementary *Amanda Davis--Admin, Debra Newman, Nancy Peacock, Allison Klink TIGERSCOVIDRESPONSE@FCCPS.ORG
ME Henderson Middle  *Rob Carey - Admin
Karina Avila, Jessica Hollinger, Tish Pugh
GM High School *Peter Laub--Admin, David Serensits--Admin, Leah Kirk, Adam Amerine MUSTANGCOVIDRESPONSE@FCCPS.ORG

The COVID Response Team will support staff members as needed in implementing the 5 mitigation strategies at the school level. This includes providing support with students as needed. (Please Note: Students who are chronically not following mitigation guidance and who do not have a reason such as a developmental issue, a medical condition, or a disability that would inhibit them from following mitigation procedures such as social distancing or wearing a mask will be addressed by their Principal/Assistant Principal. A process of progressive discipline will be used by the Principal/Assistant Principal. However, chronic issues of mitigation non-compliance will result in students being assigned to virtual instruction in order to maintain the health/safety of students and staff.)

Specifics regarding Mitigation efforts at each school are listed in the detailed Reopening Plans.
FCCPS Elementary Reopening Plan and the FCCPS Secondary Reopening Plan