F.A.Q. ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I apply for free/ reduced meals?

A: You can print the meal application found on your school's website where the menus are posted or pick up the form from the front office of the school. The applications can be turned in to the school front office or given to the cashier at your student’s school.

Q: How will I know if I qualify for free/reduced meals after I apply?

A: You will receive a notification mailed to your home address on file approx.. 2 weeks after we receive your application. Please keep this letter for your records and to use it for other programs such as Comcast internet services and Parks and Recreation programs.

Q: I forgot to add money to my student’s meal account. Will they be able to eat?

A: We will always provide your student with a reimbursable meal regardless of the balance, however, ala carte items such as juice or snacks may not be charged. Meals provided when the balance is negative still need to be paid for. Payments can be made online at www.myschoolbucks.com or a check or cash may be sent and given to the school’s food service cafeteria cashier.

Q: What is the meal program?

A: The meal program is officially called the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) provided by the federal government. Applying to the program is based on household income and household members.

Once approved, students will be able to get free breakfast and free lunch. Qualifying for the meal program, students immediately qualify for the “Backpack Program”.

Q: What is the Backpack Program?

A: The backpack program is food given for the weekends and holiday breaks for students participating in the free and reduced meal program.

Q: How do I enroll in the backpack program?

A: To enroll in the “The Backpack Program” a parent or guardian must contact The Foodservice Director Richard Kane, rkane@fccps.org or Operations Manager Sindy Morel, Morels@fccps.org. Either a voicemail or email will be enough. No other documentation is needed.

Q: What is a complete meal?

A: A complete meal is the combination of foods from the MyPlate healthy eating (Fruit, Vegetables, Grain, Protein, Dairy). We offer a variety of options for the students to choose from. The student must choose 3 to 5 food components and 1 of them must be a fruit or vegetable. An example would be a cheeseburger. A cheeseburger is 3 components, The bun is a grain, the meat is a protein, the cheese is a dairy which when totaled is 3 components. When adding milk and a fruit or vegetable, the components add up to five components.

Q: How do I pay or prepay for my student meals?

A: Meals can be paid at the school by cash or a check payable to FCCPS Foodservice with the student's name and or ID number for accurate processing. b. The other option is to create an account at www.myschoolbucks.com online to automatically replenish your student's account when it gets low or just add money to it as needed. There is a small fee to do this.

Q: How can I get back the remaining balance of my student's account at the end of the year or after graduation?

A: Parents are to email the Foodservice Director at rkane@fccps.org with the request for a refund. The subject line must be “Foodservice Refund Request”. This email must include the student’s information and an address to where the check is to be mailed.

Q: How do I go about transferring money between different student's account?

A: Parents are to email the Foodservice Director at rkane@fccps.org with the request or a fund transfer between accounts. In the email please include the student’s information, the amount that is to be moved and to what account.

Q: Who can help me with the free/ reduced lunch application?

A: The food service department, the school's counselor's office, and the parent liaison office can help you with any questions about the application.